My Appearance at Cato

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Last week I spoke at a conference at the Cato Institute on globalization. The panel I appeared on, which featured fellow Templeton Enterprise Award winner Olaf Gersemann as well as moderator Rich Brake of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, is available on mp3 here and in Real Video here. We also take questions from the audience.

Speaking of the audience, this was a friendly one indeed, and I was glad to get to know numerous attendees. It was gratifying to learn that even in D.C., the unlikeliest of places, a good number of folks actually think well of my work.

A special thanks to Bryan Caplan, professor of economics at George Mason University, for giving me a personal two-hour walking tour of the city the night before the event. (Much better than using the treadmill in the hotel fitness room, that’s for sure.) I finally got a chance to see up close the state’s monuments to itself. At once impressive and creepy.

12:56 am on April 2, 2007