My Annual Reminder

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Despite the orgiastic fervor with which the war-lovers insist on turning November 11th into a celebration of the statist butchery of men, women and children, this holiday was — in my youth — known as “Armistice Day.” This was to observe the ending of a war as a societal value, unlike today in which the word “peace” is regarded as a treasonous sentiment. Seeing college football and basketball teams attired in camouflaged uniforms and American flags helps bring the vulgarity of war full circle.

If, as the politicians and media babblers insist, war is such an ennobling and heroic activity, why do they not go all the way and build monuments to the “enemy forces” who made such expressions of collective morality possible? Without Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin, the war machinery would never have been developed and allowed its full exercise. Nothing less than a Washington, D.C., monument to such men  would suffice to honor their contributions to the cause! On a smaller scale, what about a statue to kamikaze pilots, whose sacrifices helped to fill military cemeteries?

12:56 pm on November 10, 2012