“Mutually-Assured Destruction”

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One friend writes that this is the best outcome of the World Series. Pretty much. The enemies of all that is decent have aligned to get rid of the two teams from Los Angeles, and since we all know that Los Angeles is, uhhhh, the home of good stuff (I guess), our only choice is to at least root against the evil Yankees if nothing else. On the LBS (The Libertarian Baseball Scale), with the Dodgers being about 100 (that’s good), and the Yankees being about negative 30,000, I’m not really sure where the Phillies stand. If you’re Kinsella, they must be bad since the American Revolution was a terrible thing, but if you’re a fan of the Declaration of Independence, then maybe they’re pretty good. I’m agnostic on this point. All I know is that with the Red Sox (a 50 on the LBS) and the LA teams out of the way, The Giuliani Team may prevail yet again.

Yes, I’ve had some principled libertarians write me who claim to be Yankees fans, and while I concede that it may be theoretically possible for a true libertarian to be a Yankees fan, we can all agree that it is at least in extremely poor taste.

8:36 pm on October 26, 2009