Must-See TV at the Superbowl

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Over the weekend the NFL playoffs included all the usual military pageantry — gigantic flags covering almost an entire football field held up by dozens of jack-booted fascists/wannabe cops dressed in camouflage; fighter jet flyovers; thousands of people with hands on their chests singing the state’s war anthem; fireworks to get the crowd’s imagination stirred up about bombing someone or something; etc.  When the New England Patriots  came out of the stadium tunnel to play their game they were not led by their coach or team captains, but by two dumpy-looking dudes dressed in camouflage holding big American flags  on sticks.  As the old saying goes, “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Rumor has it that the NFL will really outdo itself at halftime of the superbowl this year:  A U.S. Marine will murder a Muslim on the fifty-yard-line, cut out his heart, and eat it while a band plays the “Marine Corps Hymn.”  (Funny, I always thought hymns were religious songs since Webster’s dictionary defines it as “a song of praise to God”.  Must be the “god” of the military they’re talkin’ about).

6:07 am on January 13, 2014