Murray Rothbard

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Lew, the publication today of Murray Rothbard’s hilarious and insightful 1982 keynote address to the World Libertarian International has left me absolutely awestruck. I could just hear his marvelous voice deliver this incredible speech with the usual robust Rothbard gusto. What an amazing nostalgic snapshot in time presenting a summation and commentary on the strategic evolution of the Libertarian movement! Two things kept running through my mind as I read it: How profoundly accurate it was in describing the historical development of the movement; and how much this wonderful movement has dramatically changed since Murray made this speech. What would he have made of how the Internet and Social Media have radically changed how Libertarian activists, students, and scholars communicate and interact with each other and the public at-large? How would he react to and assess the death of dinosaur print media of newspapers and magazines? What would he make of the decline of the Libertarian Party and the rise of the Ron Paul Revolution as the political action center of the movement? As a “lone nut” I came into the movement in November 1970, exactly in the middle of “the take-off stage” he alluded to. In those forty two years I have seen the movement explode with dynamic growth and enthusiasm. Through this heady period I have encountered most of the major Libertarian luminaries and have spent thousands of hours in meetings, door-to-door canvasing of voters, ballot petitioning drives, manning state fair booths, strategic planning retreats, April 15th tax protests, anti-compulsory education rallies, supper clubs and study groups, giving media interviews, etc., as well as helping to organize dozens of political campaigns, from local level races to the presidency. I have written hundreds of flyers, pamphlets, brochures, news releases, news letters, fund-raising appeals, letters to the editor, and newspaper Op-Ed articles. Through it all I have remained what I was in the beginning: a Rothbardian. And so I shall remain until I die.

8:54 am on May 22, 2013