Murder, Inc

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Avram Grumer is right! As I watched what the tax feeding U.S. all-volunteer force shooting and laughing, I thought “Didn’t the Hutaree laugh and talk about something just like this?” It’s as if the same government informer/provocateur worked both events. It’s easy to see why the DoD wouldn’t release the tape. And also how powerless the state is to prevent the facts from ultimately coming out. I’m curious as to how it will be spun. So far, CNN and Drudge don’t seem to be reporting it — but Reuters is. This DoD snuff video also reveals the conditioning evident in US soldiers, trained in 7 plus years in Iraq and 9 in Afghanistan. I’m confident the US Army and Air Force will have no problems shooting at people in cities closer to home than Baghdad. Iraqis and Reuters already understand that unless they serve, subsidize, and obey, they are perceived as valueless to the state, subject to summary execution using high tech weapons. The only real concern shown by any of the American soldiers on the tape was when one of the shooters “lost his azimuth.” Don’t worry, folks, he got it back. Too bad the almighty state can’t reissue their innocence.

1:42 pm on April 6, 2010