Mrs. Greenspan to the Rescue!

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So let me get this straight. NBC news opens with the taxpayer-funded ObamaBust tour. Obama blows off a Tea Party guy who doesn’t like Joe Biden calling him a terrorist, and then unctuously schools Rick Perry for calling Bernanke a potential traitor (but they never mention why. Forbidden word: Inflation).

Apparently, Perry has purloined Ron Paul’s view of the Fed. Good for him. But not for Mrs. Alan Greenspan (a.k.a. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell), who parades an Obama spokesman and establishment Hot Tubber Karl Rove as the voices of reason — how dare anyone endanger the Fed’s “independence,” Mrs. Greenspan wails. (I am not making this up.)

And then, in the very next story, NBC goes out to the countryside where they are shocked to find that grocery prices have risen 10–20% in the past year. Wow, they just can’t figure out why! It’s the weather! It’s the heat! It’s the bad harvest! It’s ethanol! It’s oil! It’s the tsunami! It’s anything but the truth — and therefore it is clearly not Bernanke. Inflation, the forbidden word, is forbidden again, and we can all rest easy now, since the prices will all go down again someday, but not before the commercial break for free Medicare stuff sent directly to your home.

8:27 pm on August 16, 2011