Movie: Save the State

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Writes Keith Mercer: “I just read the posts about IOUSA. I am quite familiar with Bonner and Wiggins work and went to see the film because they were involved. I was quite disappointed, not so much surprised, but disappointed.

“It started out OK with an amusing clip with Steve Martin.

“There was also an unintentionally amusing part later. They portrayed Bill Clinton as an heroic, paragon of fiscal responsibility, which caused a significant portion of the theater to literally laugh out loud.

“The theme for the movie can be summed up in one section. We are told that Eisenhower forced the British to leave the Suez Canal by threatening to trash their currency. The British had to comply because they were dependent on us to finance their debt. Then we were told in an ominous tone, that many historians consider that moment to be the end of the British empire.

“The message of the movie is clear. The state is in trouble and it is time for all good Americans to come to its aid by paying more taxes and saving more money, by force if need be.

“We were shown clips from the 40’s of various celebrities encouraging Americans to buy bonds. We were told that our parents and grandparents faced similar crisis and pulled together to pay higher taxes and buy govt. bonds.

“In case anyone missed it, the point was driven home several times during the panel discussion, which was worse than the movie. We were told repeatedly by Buffett that we don’t pay enough taxes. And the idea of forced savings was received warmly.

“When the event was over, my impression was that they are all statists and they are all in a panic because the state is in trouble and they want us to save it.”

4:43 pm on August 22, 2008