Most Despicable Panel Ever?

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Writes Dave Griffus:

Watching Meet the Press. Probably four of my least favorite people on the panel this morning: Carly Fiorina (former CEO of HP and an idiot), Jennifer Granholm (governor of Michigan and a bigger idiot), Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google and, while not an idiot, a shill for the Obama administration) and Mitt Romney (not an idiot, but a war-mongering statist). It is amazing that none of them actually disagree about anything invovled with government bailouts. How out of touch are these people? The America public HATES this bailout mania that this government is promoting, yet there is not a single reasonable voice to be heard on television these days (unless you hear Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, or Ron Paul).

Lew, the Mises Institute and LRC stand nearly alone in these trying times in defending the free market and, frankly, common sense. As I always tell my friends and colleagues, if printing money paved the path to prosperity, then Zimbabwe would be the wealthiest country in the world. My prediction is that the U.S. consumer will be impaired until the middle of the next decaded while he gets his household balance sheet back to some more reasonable level of leverage. Until then, no matter what, savings rates will go up, which is exactly what we need, despite what government tells us.

11:32 am on December 14, 2008