Morning GE

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Morning Joe, like the rest of the kept media, held its daily two-minute hate of Toyota. Clearly this company must be destroyed for being foreign and surpassing US Government Motors as #1 in the world. So a firm that makes far, far better cars than GM, Ford, or Chrysler—all government motors—has to be put through a show trial, with the judges a bunch of bribe-taking congressmen. The CEO, a man who has contributed greatly to the wellbeing of the human race, must be arraigned before war criminals. There was one moment of truth on Morning Joe when Erin Burnett, with trepidation, mentioned that Consumers Union still rates Toyota #1, and the automotive press like Car & Driver are attacking the whole Obama-UAW-GM scam. The protectionist-mercantilist-DC exceptionalists jumped on her, of course.

UPDATE I should note that I own a Toyota, my second, and my next vehicle will be one too.

1:30 pm on February 24, 2010