More TSA Assaults

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Angela: If Amy had slightly touched the arm of this violator in resistance to her assault, she would have been arrested and hauled away on charges of criminal assault on a federal officer!

Intelligent minds have figured out that these TSA gropings have nothing — absolutely NOTHING — to do with catching terrorists. They are done solely for the purpose of demeaning people so that they will be reminded of their inferior status vis-à-vis the state. They are done to reaffirm the absolute power of the state to do whatever it chooses to do, whenever it chooses to do so, and to criminalize any protest.

The state cannot be held accountable for any of these actions for one basic reason: the state, by definition, is an agency that enjoys a monopoly on the use of violence. To hold the state answerable for its wrongs is an admission that there is some standard of conduct beyond the arbitrary whim of state officials; that someone or something else is a limitation on that monopoly; it is to strip the state of its essence. Those who haven’t figured out that state power ultimately rests on the dehumanization of the individual are invited to read Nazi concentration camp survivor Viktor Frankl’s classic Man’s Search For Meaning.

9:13 am on September 7, 2011