More than Preaching to the Choir

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I got this wonderful letter, and it really made my day:

At one point, not three years ago, I was a staunch neo-libertarian. A defender of the minimal state even though an authoritarian socialist demonstrated the moral bankruptcy and intellectual inconsistency of my beliefs in that realm. I held to defend the Iraq war as necessary without evaluating ‘the evidence’ among other things. I began reading your work at about that time.

In the course of a number of news events (the Downing Street Memo surfacing among them) I knew that there were several problems with my beliefs, that I could no longer hold to (or defend) the Neo Lib/Neo-Con position on Iraq. The further I examined the reasons why, I realized that Downing Street Memo or no, I couldn’t have held those beliefs following moral examination. So I must thank you, for more than anyone else, for exploding the fallacies of my beliefs and bringing them to light. I might still be parroting monstrous beliefs otherwise.

Thank you sir.

PS. The column that pushed me over the edge, from convenience-store capital-L Liberventionism into serious, reasoned and principled libertarianism was “Libertarians and the Warfare State”

I must thank Lew Rockwell for giving me this forum to publish my anti-liberventionist writing. I wanted to share this letter as just a little sign of the big difference sites like this can make and the importance of persisting to argue for principled peace and liberty.

12:10 pm on January 30, 2007