More Terrofascism: Boats as Bombs

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“You don’t know where they come from,” said Singleton. “You know, they could load up with a bomb or whatever and come right out here.”

As much as I’d like to say “oh he’s kidding,” I can’t. This comes from one of those types of folks that totalitarian government just loves to have around. They beg to be made more “secure.” They say the dumbest things sometimes.

The Homeland Security Hysterics are looking for yet another way to “keep you safe.” Recreational boats are now bomb threats, did’ja know? They just roll along out there, with 80+ gallons of fuel (a bomb on water), with Abdul and Mohammad on board, looking to become an instant projectile. Everywhere there’s a terrorist. Any one boat can be a terrorist’s weapon. So how do we know which one has Abdul on board? The solution – says the Coast Guard – might be to require transponders on all boats so that the government can track one’s location at any given moment. Or we could set up “safety zones” — areas where no man on waves can wander.

Reading the comments below the article – dissing the whole notion of terrofascism – gives one hope that the average Joe is starting to “get it.”

6:04 am on June 3, 2007