More Tales From the Tub

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With the disgraceful debt ceiling vote by various tea party freshmen, we have the latest example of that most interesting political phenomena our wonderful sentinel of the Republic, Dr. Christopher Manion, has repeatedly pointed out to LRC readers. So-called small government, conservative GOP candidates for congressional office, in their electoral campaigns back home in their districts, will boldly attack and castigate Washington, D.C. as a rank sewer filled with vile corruption and profligate big spending by execrable liberal Democrats. But upon arriving within the environs of the Beltway, these RINO frauds soon comfortably settle into all-too familiar patterns, and treat the sewer as their own personal hot tub. For example, this uncanny phenomenon explains that permanent and disgusting unnatural orange hue of the aging epidermis of Speaker John Boehner.

3:41 pm on August 3, 2011