More Spontaneous Order in Phoenix

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My family just attended the impromtu meet up with Dr. Ron Paul at the Barry Goldwater Terminal of Phoenix Skyharbor Airport. There were about 120 to 150 Ron Paul supporters in attendance. A broad base of people were in attendance, which included quite a few young families with small kids. Dr. Paul gave a quick speech and answered questions for about a half hour.

A fun moment was when a middle aged man sporting an Obama ’08 t-shirt came over to inquire about what was going on. After a few minutes of listening he said, “…give me one of those Ron Paul t-shirts…” and promptly covered his Obama shirt with a ‘Ron Paul Revolution’ shirt.

Many walked by asking, “who is Ron Paul” to which supporters gladly offerred liberty oriented responses.

My wife, a veteren of the McCain Conneticut campaign and a RNC delegate in 2000 (I know, she’s more than repented since) said she has never seen such a spontaneous grass roots effort. She said in 2000 McCain was the “grass-roots” candidate and then every moment of the campaign was completely staged. Today we saw a number of homemade signs, bumper stickers, and t-shirts.

Such is the spontaneous order surrounding America’s most prominent ambassador of peace and freedom.

11:35 am on June 16, 2007