More Reasons to Admire Wikileaks

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TSA and the Feds strip search the innocent, endanger our physical and mental health, casually execute rough patdowns, and threaten to arrest and detain those who so much as look them in the eye in blatant violation of both the Constitution and laws against sexual and physical abuse. The security state works hard to make us feel violated, ashamed, and angry on nearly a daily basis. When people complain, they are said to be bad Americans, extremists, and even domestic terrorists.

One peaceably wonders if only government officials and politicians could just experience what we experience, to feel what we feel, then TSA would be immediately disbanded for both constitutional and economic reasons. Happily, the government’s reaction to the upcoming major truth-sharing effort by Wikileaks is very familiar to American air travelers. Government officials complain that that Wikileaks places “lives and interests at risk. We are all bracing for what may be coming…it is irresponsible…It will be uncomfortable for…government, for those who are mentioned in [government] reports…it could erode trust…[it] undermine[s the] stated objective…without regard to the security and sanctity of the lives [affected].” Wikileaks rocks!

12:14 pm on November 28, 2010