More Progressives and Ron Paul

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This past week Ron Paul was leading the polls in Iowa. As a result he has been the relentless target of a scurrilous orchestrated campaign by what seems to naive observers to be from a widespread, diverse and unconnected variety of sources (Yahoo has been the prime facilitating umbrella of many of these smears). But as Justin Raimondo perceptively points out, this is far from the actual case. There is a common underlying connecting thread to these slanderous attacks upon Ron Paul’s character and integrity.

However lesser known to the public at-large, there have also been some very perceptive articles published by progressives analyzing the Paul campaign, particularly its foreign policy aspects. Besides the intrepid Glenn Greenwald, there has been Robert Sheer, Robert Parry, Phillip Weis, Peter Beinart, and Joe Conason. These articles are a hopeful sign that there are still thoughtful men and women of the left who have not succumbed to the fascist consensus mindset put forth by the establishment media. Sadly these open-minded critiques have been subjected to savage and hateful commentary by some knee-jerk liberal Democrats, Obama supporters, and left neocons, in a manner one usually associates with the reactionary neanderthals at Free Republic.

12:53 pm on January 1, 2012