More Praise for Jonah Goldberg

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Jeffrey Rubin of the Conservative Book Club writes in his latest “And Rightly So” column:

[Andrew] Sullivan’s weekly column isn’t the only troubling sign at the [Washington] Times. Another was a June 20 commentary by Jonah Goldberg bearing the headline “Time to Face Facts: Gays Gain Victory” – though a fitter one might have been, “Goldberg to Conservatives: Bend Over.” In it, Goldberg declares victory for gay radicals and calls on conservatives to surrender to them, concluding, “The challenge for social conservatives, it seems to me, is to make the best of what they consider a bad situation. But that would require making some painful capitulations – intellectual, moral, philosophical and financial.” As a friend put it, this is like Marshall Patain advising the French to “make the best” of Nazi rule.

Goldberg, be it noted, is one of those “swaggering young pundits” I wrote about recently who, although a vocal proponent of invading Iraq, never saw fit to volunteer in that effort despite being young enough to enlist. His courage on the domestic front is no less impressive.

10:59 pm on September 14, 2003