More Petitions

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All you brave souls who signed the petition at against the TSA may be interested in a couple of others there.

There’s one to repeal the Orwellian PATRIOT Act and another to “End all unconstitutional military activity including all acts of war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.” Kerry Shacklett, a big fan of LRC, posted the latter; it begins,”All acts of war committed by the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan are blatantly unconstitutional, as the President is waging war without a declaration of war from Congress. These acts of war are not, nor ever have been, the result of an emergency, as none of the countries mentioned has attacked or threatened to attack the United States.” Way to go, Kerry!

And yes, we all know this website is as much a sham as everything Our Masters do: they have no intention of heeding us or our opinions; they rule as they please. Goodness, they made their dictatorship painfully obvious last fall when the victims of the Transportation Security Administration’s sexual assaults screamed for its abolition in vain. But what fun to embarrass these bozos with millions of signatures against their criminality and greed!

12:55 pm on September 27, 2011