More Pentagon Homicides

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What is the government military doing playing with its death machines over a San Diego suburb? Having fun at the tax-victims’ expense, as usual. This time, in addition to subsidizing the arms merchants, burning up vast amounts of fuel, and polluting the skies. the plane also killed a grandmother, a mother, and child, and another child is “missing.” Four homes and four cars were also destroyed. Catch the relaxed and highly paid bureaucrat, described as “staggering” and “dazed” after the killings, chatting on his cell phone. (Thanks to Daniel)

UPDATE from Butler Shaffer:

Remember my article of a few weeks ago? Well, when that F-18 Marine Corps fighter crashed into a residential neighborhood in San Diego, Wolf Blitzer assured everyone that the military does everything it can to prevent things like this from happening in crowded, residential areas. (Everything, I guess, except refraining from flying over them!)

9:05 am on December 9, 2008