More on Stealing From Thieves What They Stole From Us

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Regarding the idea that allying oneself with Our Rulers to accept the loot they plunder from us is somehow both moral and beneficial to liberty, David observes, “You’re right that  we ought not to celebrate people who are scamming the welfare system.  One day when it does collapse they will start stealing from you and me directly. They will have learned years…decades of living off of others and will feel justified in their taking when the checks and benefits stop coming or cease to have value. It’s far better to learn responsibility and providing for one’s self now.”

And Milo points out with fine irony how Our hypocritical, debauched Rulers caged him for theft and then, upon his release, tried to suborn him into becoming a legal robber: “Over a decade ago, and before I ever heard the term ‘Libertarian’, I was a petty thief. I got caught and went to jail. Upon getting out, I bunked at my dad’s for a few months before going to court ordered Teen Challenge. I remember the State had sent me this big packet of paper work to get me on welfare, and my dad, who at the time was a Republican (he likes Ron Paul now), tried talking me into getting into that system (after all, he paid into it, so it was supposed to be okay for me to accept it). I was sincerely sorry for my life choices before that point and thought it rather disgusting  to accept welfare. I had no idea what the NAP was, or any real political or philosophical beliefs, but yet I could still see that I would still be stealing if I accepted welfare. It is far better to ignore and reject their institutions than to acknowledge and participate. It sends a message. The more we acknowledge and participate, the more it looks like we want the system. If we ignore and reject, suddenly the State loses its claimed validity.”

Thanks to both men for such astute observations!

9:38 am on August 2, 2013