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In response to my post about Rick Steves and his program on Iran, many readers informed me that Steves is an all-around great guy:

Steves is an activist for the legalization of marijuana, as he explains on his web site. Says one reader: “Not only is his show on Iran brilliant, but I also want to point out that he is a board member of NORML!”


I used to find Rick Steves annoying until I moved to Washington state. Mr. Steves is a resident of Edmonds, Washington, about 40 minutes north of where I reside. He is a vocal critic of US foreign policy, in favor of legalization of marijuana, and continually perplexed by the refusal of the US government’s morality police to air video of art that they have deemed “obscene”. While his economic views would likely dump him in the “Progressive” category, he certainly has many stands against the State establishment that are shared by libertarians. Bravo for Rick Steves.

Said one reader:

“Sadly, I suspect most of the people watching the program last night already don’t support bombing Iran. Now, if they would run that program on Fox News Channel (or even CNN for that matter), then we might make some progress.”

True enough. Most of the Bomb Iran alliance was probably watching the Nashville Network that night. Or they were eating Lobster Thermidor at some tiresome neocon junket.

Says another reader:

“After looking further through Rick Steves’ website, I would recommend also reading his post as to why he did the show. It is even more heroic; and discuss further the idea that learning of other people is a good way to avoid war with them.”

And also:

Related to your LRC post on Rick Steves, Anthony Bordain took his show No Reservations to Saudi Arabia, last season, and had the same pleasant confirmation, that people are people.

His article on that episode, is here (and also one by his producer, Amy Teuteberg).

One reader sent me this video of Iranian redneck analogues behaving like idiots. So, naturally, I was charmed.

11:36 pm on January 19, 2009