More on Gay Marriage

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In regards to Stephan Kinsella’s post, I’d like to add a few points. As I have posted on this topic before (on this blog), I’d like to mention that I entirely agree with Kinsella’s post, as his notion of gay marriage mirrors my own. Of course, he’s exactly right about the voluntary nature of unions being entirely libertarian, no matter what you think the social outcome is. Any true libertarian has to defend self-ownership and voluntary association as imperative to a free society.

The ultra-uptight, conservative view on gay marriage bothers me too. That’s because, ultimately, it will take nothing less than all-out statism to perpetuate that which they want to accomplish (denying gays the right to form and keep voluntary unions). And that is what the conservatives want to do. It really makes me shiver to think that conservatives really believe that someone else’s gay marriage will wreak havoc on all other traditional marriages. What??

And Dan is right about there being no libertarian reason to support gay marriage, because it only advances the powers of the State; it does not retard its growth, which is our goal. But look at the libertarians that obsess on advancing this issue, and they are pro-social engineering, sexual revolutionary, Left-Libertarians – and quite often of the Beltway or Left Coast variety. It’s their pet Lefty project.

And lastly, civil society, on its own, does define marriage as that which tradition already recognizes: a union between a man and a woman. Period. That is, unless we deconstruct the meaning of that word to suit the social engineers, along with everything else. Gays, in a free society, will have unions as they wish, but civil society will recognize those unions to a different degree than relationships of a man-woman variety. My best course of action has proven to be one that defends all voluntary unions without religionists, or anyone, sticking their values into everyone else’s lives via more laws and the usurping of individual rights. On the other hand, I’ve found it’s great to criticize those “libertarians” that so aggravatingly advance this moronic cause as if it is gay marriage or bust. Hogwash. Both the conservatives and left-libertarians are a bit scary on this issue.

6:47 pm on February 13, 2004