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Bernie Way writes, putting it plainly:

I read the encyclical letter by Benedict XVI, and I do not see him endorsing world government.  Why?  Because the solution to the problems of the world today involve a conversion of the human heart in accordance with natural law.  Christ taught us to love our neighbor and to trust in God only.  Do not put your faith in Caesar.

For the past 2,000 years the Church has taught us that we must surrender ourselves to Christ and his world viewpoint.  By putting our trust in Caesar we do his bidding.  Such a path leads to war, denial of private property, and the demeaning of the human person to the prevailing view of society.   The problem I have noted in the various lay opinions offered to the Pope’s encyclical is that most people see world problems in human terms only and not in the terms that Christ taught.  We do not live in a box in the modern world where all problems have a government solution.  We must put people first, respecting their human dignity.  We must not put society first, for this a gross error in political theory.

The solution to man’s problems is to “trust” in Christ, and accept what he taught us about life and our proper respect for our fellow man.  Pope Benedict XVI says this, as did his predecessors.  All need a refresher course on the teachings of St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas; and, a better understanding of the temptation that “power over others” presents to us.  Unfortunately, for most people today the world’s problems are viewed only through the prism of theories of Thomas Hobbes and Jean Jacques Rosseau.  Until modern man escapes these false parameters of thinking, we are doomed.

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9:27 am on July 8, 2009