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There is no doubt that MS Word is a wonderful product: and yet…who can afford to buy it if it doesn’t come preinstalled? Who can keep up with the endlessly proliferating versions none of which seem to be compatible with the versions? Who wants to bother with the ridiculous license and keys and codes that are designed to thwart the great crime of using the same program across several users? Who can stand to update it online when the simplist functions require juggling CDs and typing in ever more security codes? Oh and then there’s the glorious features which seem to have no other function than to muck up the page with a blizzard of tags and fonts and auto-that-and-this.

Well, I’ve had it. In the same way that you dumped IE for Firefox, consider the clarity, cleanliness, and, most of all, price ($0!!!) of Open Office, an open source version of the MS Office Suite. It’s a wonderful program that seems to keep all of Word’s good stuff while throwing out the bad. I’m addicated and I’ll never go back (ceteribus paribus).

12:13 pm on March 1, 2005