More Melding and Amalgamating of the U.S. and Israel

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I refer to the unanimous Senate vote on S.R. 65. I originally excoriated the 76 senators who signed on to it. But this simplifies matters. They’re all warmongers. Since state legislatures no longer choose senators, and since there is no provision in the Constitution to recall senators, the only way left (short of secessions and declarations of independence) is to vote them out, but the popular voting routine with the parties choosing candidates makes this implausible. Besides, votes like this do not become cutting issues in elections, despite their importance.

Rome went from republic to empire in a clear fashion. Caesar crossed the Rubicon. Washington’s transition is fuzzier and has taken longer, but it’s to the same end. The country is run by a collection of Caesars, expanding the triumvirate into a multumvirate, and leaving in place a facade of totally hollowed out, anti-republic, democratic institutions. The American Republic is dead and buried. May it rest in peace. Long live the Empire!


11:09 am on May 23, 2013