More Mail on the Loyola College Totalitarian Thought Police

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Of all the mail I’ve received about the Walter Block academic lynching at Loyola College, one of the more thoughtful ones is from a young man who I will identify as R.V.:

“[M]y parents came to the U.S. at a time when their countries were suffering from horribly repressive,anti-free market,totalitarian governments, which essentially desired the same thing as Loyola’s top dogs want to achieve: homogenization of opinion. You and Professor Block are correct in labeling this as Orwellian ‘thought policing’ and the administration at Loyola has a more clever way of forcing impresionable college students to their ideology than the iron fists of General Velasco or Francisco Franco. Whereas the latter used torture and oppression to achieve their goals, Loyola’s administrators are using a tool these dictators didn’t have: white liberal guilt. In using this tool, what they’ve done is guilt students into believing what the administration wants them to believe. Even if they have opposing views, they can’t express them without being classified as ‘racist, sexist, or insensitive,’ and in doing this, students, even ones with opposing views, eventually come to accept Marxist lies as truth, rolling over like dogs.”“[T]hese pedagogues demonizing Prof. Block are actually reopening the wounds of the past, and the most shameful part is that they couldn’t care less about women or minorities, but are merely exploiting them to achieve their ends.”

“I personally couldn’t attend the lecture, but a friend of mine did because he was required to for his economics class. Knowing that I am very interested in virtually anything related to economics, he showed me the notes he took. After looking at them, I failed to see the problem with Prof. Block’s presentation. Women earn less than men, minorities earn less than their white counterparts. OK, so far he’s stated the obvious. Why is everyone at Loyola getting worked up about this? I asked him [the friend] “did anyone openly disagree with Block on his presentation?” My friend replied “No, in fact people applauded at the end of the presentation.”

“After a long discussion on what Block had discussed and mocking the ignorance of the ignorant, offended student, we came to the conclusion that Block’s presentation was demonized because he gave the ‘socially unacceptable’ reasons as to why this wage difference exists. Instead of conforming to the ignorant theory that ‘the market is evil, and if we let it do as it will, women will be stuck in the kitchen and minorities at the bottom of the totem pole,’ Block presented a pro-market argument with strong evidence to support it.”“The fact remains that it is because of the free market that women have been able to get out of the kitchen and minorities have been able to climb the social ladder. We live in a new era, not in the slave days or the 1950s. Apparently, Prof. Block’s only mistake was failing to feed these PC-freaks some scraps from the table.”

“These liberal minority-panderers just want to enslave women and minorities by putting shackles on our intellects rather than on our bodies. It’s the same mentality that slave-owners had. Their greatest fear was a slave with a book. However, in this day and age, the chains and shackles have been replaced iwth welfare, government housing, and affirmative action.”

“It is frightening at how they [at Loyola] are cleverly portraying themselves as diverse in every respect, except opinion . . . . Orwell would be astonished, and it scares me because my family has suffered under the rule of narrow-minded authority figures [and] I’d hate to see the same thing happen in a nation that was founded on the principles of ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happines . . .'”

7:58 am on December 23, 2008