More Lies From the Elephant in the Hot Tub

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Long ago (on February 1, 1993), the Washington Post wrote that evangelical Americans are “largely poor, uneducated, and easy to command.” No one has taken that observation to heart like the GOP’s trough-dwellers, who have used and abused the “religious right” and social conservatives in general for decades.

So it shouldn’t surprise us that the Hot Tub Party (the GOP’s DC “leadership”) has lied once more, this time to James Dobson, an influential evangelical broadcaster. Apparently, these “leaders” libeled Kentucky senatorial candidate Rand Paul, M.D., telling Dobson that Dr. Paul was a “pro-choice” liberal. As reported by Politico:

“Christian conservative leader James Dobson withdrew his endorsement of Kentucky Senate candidate Trey Grayson Monday, switching his support to Rand Paul’s campaign and accusing ‘senior members of the GOP’ of misleading him about Paul’s record on abortion.”

The empire has been built on lies from the beginning, of course, and lies always lead to corruption. So it’s no surprise that the RNC has been wracked recently by a series of scandals. But hey, no problema! — they consider themselves to be the natural beneficiaries of the widespread rejection of Obamanna socialism. Not so. Unless all the corruptos are thrown out, no matter who wins in November, we will just get new lies for old.

1:11 pm on May 3, 2010