More Kennedys, More Bushes – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

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In Doh! Not. Another. Kennedy. I wrote about yet another Kennedy running for public office: the son of former Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II (D-Caracas), Joseph P. Kennedy III who ran for Congress from Massachusetts in 2012 to replace the retiring Congresscriminal Barney Frank. Little Joe Kennedy won thanks to the limousine liberals of Newton and Brookline, the town that just banned plastic shopping bags despite evidence that paper shopping bags have been shown to be more harmful to the environment than plastic ones. So much for limousine liberal elitists. But Massachusetts is Kennedy Country, don’t expect them to rely on science to enact their petty fascist decrees.

Anyway, but now another Kennedy has announced a run for public office. And this one is the son of former U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, Edward M. Kennedy, Jr. will run for the Connecticut state senate from the New Haven area. (Do we really need another Kennedy to do more meddling and intruding?) This one is over 50 now. And he’s a lawyer. (Do we really need another lawyer in politics?) This Kennedy specializes in issues regarding health care, disabilities and financial services. His wife, “Kiki,” is a psychiatrist and a professor of psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. (Hmmm. I wonder what “Kiki” thinks about the over-prescribing of psychiatric meds and their association with mass shootings in recent years. Or what she might think about the Justina Pelletier ordeal in which psychiatrists seized the child’s case away from the gastroenterologists who were treating her. Perhaps I shouldn’t even ask.)

And besides more Kennedys, there’s another Bush now who is considering running. For President! That’s George W. Bush’s brother Jeb Bush, another son of George “Poppy” Bush. (Another Bush?) So while the elder President George Bush wanted to be known as the “Education President,” perhaps Jeb Bush wants to be known as the “Common Core President.” (He loves it.) But for the conservatards who don’t like Jeb Bush, it’s because of this Bush’s promotion of amnesty of “illegal” immigration. I don’t what it is with today’s so-called conservatives against immigration. They have certainly exposed their inner Archie Bunkers on that issue. But, the Republican Party — such as it is — will nominate whichever statist TPTB want to run, Jeb Bush or whomever. (If Jeb is elected President in 2016, perhaps he’ll start another war of aggression like the other Bushes. They seem to love starting wars.)

So, more Kennedys, more Bushes — Let’s call the whole thing off, I say.

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11:52 am on April 10, 2014