‘More Invasive Searches’ at Airports, I Kid You Not

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Recall that the CIA ginned up the “terrorism” that figured in last week’s breathless reporting on Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula, just as it and the FBI have done with so many domestic “plots” here in the US.

And yet, Our Rulers continue to play us for fools, pretending the scheme was real and that we’re in imminent danger—which obviously hands them more power, as “Senator Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence” babbled this weekend. “Feinstein was asked if current screening technology would necessarily identify this kind of bomb on an airline passenger. ‘For this particular material,’ she said, ‘candidly, no.’”

Isn’t the “candidly” a nice touch? As if this sociopath—sorry, senator—would know “candid” if it walked up and knocked her on her ugly butt.

Ah, but there’s a message for us in Di’s prattle: “Consequently the flying public is going to have to tolerate more invasive searches, she said.” More invasive? Really, Di? Just how much more invasive can they be? “‘The American public has not been terribly sympathetic’ to this, she said,” — yeah, all those wusses and whiners out there objecting to a little gate-rape — “but ‘it’s very important that TSA (the Transportation Security Administration) keeps up its efforts.’”

That’s code for “cavity checks comin’ up, serfs. Bend over and spread ‘em.”

4:50 am on May 14, 2012