More Idiocy on the Idiotic TSA’s Idiotic TWIC

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One “consulting engineer in the offshore oil business” writes that “If you want to fly to any offshore oil platform, like in the Gulf of Mexico, you must have a TWIC card just to board the transport helicopter because being on an offshore oil platform requires a TWIC.”  So though he only “occasionally attend[s] loading of ships for my job,” he duly “applied for the card, got the electronic fingerprint scan and facial 3-d hologram and the card with my picture and embedded chip.” He’s now certified as a trusted serf who has never, ever even remotely considered joining Al Qaeda nor thought about blowing up ports or planes or busses or trains. Our Rulers have scrutinized and background-checked and spied on him to guarantee his every intention is pure and good.

Yet “for some reason TSA doesn’t let me bypass the airport security circus by showing my TWIC.”

7:04 am on May 12, 2013