More Free Stuff for Attending Government Schools

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A local shop in Detroit’s Midtown must have received a big check from the government in order to fund this hustle. All DPS (Detroit Public School) high schoolers who attend school on count day will receive a voucher for a free pair of Nike shoes. Here is a description of ‘count day’ in the Detroit Free Press:

Attendance records on count day determine the funds each school district receives from the state, making attendance that day crucial to the financial stability of Detroit Public Schools.

More free stuff – surely that’s the way to educate children. One Nike at a time. I like this quote from the article:

Store officials said they want children to have an opportunity to receive a good education, as well as shoes that will move them closer to a diploma.

As an ex-police officer friend notes, watch for the follow-up reports on parents/guardians/whoever trading the vouchers for drugs.

5:11 am on August 14, 2012