More Filth From Leviathan’s Inexhaustible Sewer

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You all bear me witness that I yesterday requested Mr. Holte to warn me when he’s forwarding articles on Our Rulers’ nauseating crimes. So what do I find in my inbox last night, sans warning? This little tidbit about yet another deviant at the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA’s über-bureaucracy, who’s soliciting schoolgirls on Facebook.

Sorry for so tardily posting this when Travis sent it promptly, but I have to surface for air sometime.

Meanwhile, we can comfort ourselves that while they dish out agony to all and sundry, the DHS’s perverts are miserable themselves: “Employees at the Homeland Security Department are less satisfied with their jobs on average than other federal workers … . Morale varies among DHS employees, depending on where they work, with job satisfaction and employee engagement particularly low at the Transportation Security Administration … based on data from the 2011 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.” (Your taxes at work there, folks, as the feds pretend to care about how their minions feel while groping us and stealing our stuff.)

Hey, my morale would be low, too, were I a worthless sponge pestering my betters. Still, no way, no how would I ever proposition kids on Facebook. Unbelievable, the inhuman scum that signs on with Leviathan, isn’t it?

7:33 am on November 2, 2012