More Feminist Madness: The V Crusade

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I am glad to see Kathleen Parker’s book, Save the Male: Why Men Matter, Why Women Should Care, linked on LRC today. I plan to review this book on LRC soon. Note that LRC writer Bernard Chapin has a video review of the book at Amazon. Also see Bernard’s book, Women: Theory and Practice, which I also hope to review in the near future.

Vagina Awareness. And you thought “V” was for Vendetta. It never ceases to amaze me that, among “awareness” campaigns for every single concern on the planet, there are actually women who believe that we need to spread the word about vaginas. But of course, the real agenda is to indoctrinate people about inequality, female oppression, and the “all men are monsters” mantra. (Going forward, to eliminate the prospect of littering Lew’s site with this smutty word, I will refer to this body part as “V” or, in plural form, “V(s).”)

There are V monologues, V dialogues, and there is V awareness. There is also V-Day, and a list of female performers who would like you to have more V awareness, called the Vulva Choir. The feminists must not realize that, indeed, women are aware they have V(s). And surely, mean are aware, too. In fact, I truly believe that men happen to like V(s) just fine, thank you.There was actually a survey done – by Harris Interactive, nonetheless – that “examined women’s attitudes toward and perceptions of their V(s).” The survey, among other things, wanted to explore how women felt about talking about their V in public. Now pardon me, but is this something that I should want to talk about in public? In a Starbucks, over coffee, perhaps? At work, around the water cooler? Or at the local fair, with strangers, in between funnel cakes and ferris wheel rides? The survey also tested “women’s knowledge” about their V(s). The survey seeks to understand if women “make efforts to acquaint themselves with their V(s) on a more intimate level.” Surely they jest? This can be done by either a) looking at it, b) coloring or piercing it, c) shaving it.

As far as being acquainted, it’s there, we all know it’s there, and life goes on. Pardon me for not making it any more elaborate, empirical, or compelling than that.

5:28 am on October 4, 2008