More ‘Concern’ from the Institution of Government

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‘Elton John Denied Adoption of Ukraine Toddler’

Sir Elton John will not be allowed to adopt a little boy from the Ukraine because he is too old and is not married. John found the boy in an orphanage but he and his partner, David Furnish have been deemed unfit. The little toddler called Lev, only 14 months old is HIV positive.

According to Family, Youth and Sports Minister Yuriy Pavlenko, parents looking to adopt a baby from the country need to be married, thus John does not qualify because the country does not recognize same sex marriages. “Foreign citizens who are single have no right to adopt children … and the age difference between the adopter and the child cannot be more than 45 years,” Pavlenko said. “The law is the same for everybody: for a president, for a minister, for Elton John.

A few thoughts come to mind:

1) So this child is better off living in an orphanage without parental love rather than being in an environment where he is obviously wanted and will be loved, and will certainly have creature comforts exponentially greater than he will in the orphanage?

2) “…and the age difference between the adopter and the child cannot be more than 45 years…” So does this mean that the Ukrainian government has outlawed anyone who is older than 45 having a biological child? If not, then someone please explain to me what the difference is. (Maybe they have outlawed that too—I don’t put anything past the stupidity of the bureaucRATS who run the government.)

3) And, sadly, the child is HIV positive. There’s a good chance he won’t even outlive the “elderly” 62-year old Elton John or his 46-year old partner David Furnish. But nooooooo, wouldn’t want that child having a terrific life for the more-than-likely shorter amount of time he will be spending on this planet.

Someday, perhaps in A THOUSAND YEARS, everyone will find the solution that I and others have found to the fraud of “government.”

6:07 pm on September 14, 2009