More clothing Q&A

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Q: What the difference between a sports coat, a jacket, and a blazer?

A: Nothing, except that the blazer (very unfashionable right now) has brass buttons.

Q: Should a t-shirt undergarment be v-neck or crew?

A: Always crew. Will it show under a polo? Yes, and that’s ok.

Q: Aren’t long-sleeve shirts hot?

A: Can be, but being hot and sweaty is just part of being a man.

Q: I can’t stand wool socks. They make my legs itch.

A: Live with it

Q: Can a man take off his jacket indoors?

A: No, any more than he can take off his pants. A jacket is not there to keep you warm. It is part of your clothes.

Q: Why do you look unshaven in your picture? In fact, why do you look like a slob?

A: The short-beard thing looks better in real life (I think).

4:31 pm on July 16, 2003