More Claptrap from Clapper

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“[Director of Espionage Against Us-sorry, of National Intelligence, James “Ding-Dong”] Clapper also told lawmakers that the government shutdown that began Tuesday is seriously damaging the intelligence community’s ability to guard against threats. They said that they’re keeping counterterrorism staff at work as well as those providing intelligence to troops in Afghanistan, but that some 70 percent of the civilian workforce has been furloughed.” Aaaaaawwwwww.

“Clapper said he has tried to keep on enough employees to guard against ‘imminent threats to life or property'” — what? Like Anthony Weiner flashing his wares while sexting again? — “but may have to call more back to work if the shutdown continues.

“’The danger here … will accumulate over time. The damage will be insidious,’ Clapper said. He raised the specter of treason, saying financial stress could make his intelligence officers vulnerable to being bought off by foreign spies.”

Whew! Any more out of Ding-Dong, and I may break a couple of ribs! Yo, Jean-Luc: do yourself a favor and lose this guy.

1:59 pm on October 3, 2013