More Christian Blasphemy

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I noticed for the first time today a flag pin in the shape of a cross, not just a cross, of course, but, as it was worn by a Christian at a church, the cross of Christ. Blasphemy.

I also noticed for the first time, earlier this month, a church with an Israeli flag on the platform along with the US and Christian flags. More blasphemy.

Most of this blasphemy is due to ignorance. We need to steer more Christians to LRC. It changes lives, as many Christians have written me and told me. Some say God directed them there, and I believe them. Is Lew Rockwell perfect? Is LRC perfect? Will Christians agree with every article? No, no, and no. But I can’t emphasize the importance of steering Christians this way, and away from FOX news.

11:15 am on October 23, 2011