More Boob-Hustling

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The politically-minded – ever ready to exploit every news event in their efforts to separate people from their liberty and property – are lining up to take advantage of the recent tornado in Oklahoma.  As if to reinforce the pyramidal hierarchy, President Obama was first to offer his empty platitudes, followed by an official from FEMA, then the governor of Oklahoma, mayors of two affected cities, fire chief, police chief, national guard leader, followed by one after another lesser members of the political structure, including one man from the city health department. (“Hey, Agnes, they are telling us to boil water before we drink it.” “That’s fine, Ed, but the stove isn’t here anymore!”)

Not to be left out, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) jumped on the opportunist band-wagon to declare [guess what?]:  the tornado was caused by global warming! This apparently earns her a place in the Absurdists Hall of Fame, alongside Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, who explained hurricane Katrina as God’s punishment for allowing legalized abortions, and Robertson’s attributing a deadly earthquake in Haiti – which killed 200,000 people – as resulting from a pact the Haitian people had made with the Devil.

Not to be left out of the boob-hustling fun, a man identified as the Director of the Citizens For Tax Justice was on a cable channel, visibly upset that Apple has managed to protect many billions of dollars of its earnings from the brigands at the IRS. Apple’s actions are apparently quite lawful under existing law, and he proposed statutory changes to get around this. An organization devoted to “Tax Justice” – whatever that Orwellian phrase might entail – must consider Apple’s shielding of some of its assets as “unfair,” but unfair to whom? The federal government? Other taxpayers? Those who feed at the government’s trough for rewards they cannot obtain in the marketplace? There are parts of the Los Angeles area in which it is unsafe to travel. Should I be permitted to avoid these high-crime areas in order that I not be mugged by local gangs? Or, am I being “unfair” to the gangs of looters, as well as to other people who choose to visit these high-crime sections of the city? And if I should find myself in one of these unsafe areas, would it be “unfair” of me to hide some of my money in my shoes? Perhaps the aforesaid Director could advise me on such matters!


3:05 pm on May 21, 2013