More Boeing BS

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One Jed Babbin, for some inexplicable reason the editor of Human Events, now insists that the hundred-billion-plus tanker deal be given to Boeing again.

After all, Boeing insists, they don’t give bribes to Defense Department procurement officers any more, and all those people went to jail anyway, and we fired our CEO and put up plants in every possible congressional district and …. (Boeing runs out of breath).

But Babbin is blathering. As a former Defense Department official, Mr. Babbin is in the perfect position to write a calm, arms-length story on how so many of his former colleagues make how many millions in deals like the Boeing tanker fiasco.

For instance, the one whose “nonprofit” has received millions in untaxable donations from Boeing, which fact never quite makes it into his byline as he flaks for the Boeing deal.

Why doesn’t DoD require those contractors, defense industry suppliers, and foreign weapons buyers to to publish the amount of their commissions paid to former DoD officials?

Take Richer Perle, for instance. Does he receive any? Did he, before he left some DoD board (that gave him critical clearances that might have informed his business dealings) in disgrace?

Mr. Babbin knows exactly of what I speak.

So please, Mr. Babbin, enough goat food (a southern politician’s reference to handing out platitudes to the rabble). Propaganda is everywhere, but you are actually qualified to comment — not on ethics, or tankers, but on inside-outside bribes in form of commissions and other secret arrangements.

Suggested title: “Alleged ‘Experts’ Actually on take from Defense Industry Giants Like Boeing.”

Subtitle: “Seldom Make Public their Financial Relationships and Commissions on Arms Sales.”

I look forward to it.

8:44 am on March 24, 2008