‘Morals Police’ Assault, Electrocute Teen

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How horrible it must be to live in a Sharia-compliant despotism like Saudi Arabia, where “morals police,” or Mutaween, often harass, abuse, and assault female students who are not properly attired. That kind of thing would never happen here, if for no other reason than the fact that American “morals police” prefer to target male students.

Witness the case of 17-year-old Derby, Kansas resident Jonathan Villareal, who was beaten, tasered, and handcuffed by police “resource officers” who took offense over the way the high school student was wearing his pants.

After being paroled from his daily sentence in the government mind-laundry, Jonthan passed a brace of official bullies on the way to the bus. One of them told Jonathan to pull up his pants; the youngster replied — hopefully with the appropriate measure of controlled contempt — that school was over and he was thus free to dress any way he chose. One of the thugs — his tax-fattened bulk making him much larger than the scrawny adolescent —  threw Jonathan to the ground while bellowing the familiar rapist’s refrain: “Stop resisting!” The other thug immediately joined in, both of them striking and kneeing the prone, helpless teenager in the back, legs, and neck. Jonathan also suffered a black eye.

When Jonathan struggled to his feet, he was thrown down forcefully; he felt his arm snap as he hit the ground. He struggled to his feet again, thereby giving one of the costumed enforcers an excuse to report that the victim had assumed an “aggressive stance.” This supposedly justified a potentially lethal taser attack.

The Derby High School newspaper, appropriately called the Informer, explained that students can be subjected to “administrative” discipline for wearing their pants “inappropriately.” Derby Police Chief Robert Lee described the incident as “a flagrant violation of school policy that could have been handled administratively, if he had not resisted the SRO.” Once again, we see the logic of the rapist at work: If the victim is severely injured or killed for fighting back, it’s her own fault; she shouldn’t have resisted. This comparison, of course, is unfair: Rapists and other aggressors not swaddled in government-issued costumes aren’t generally permitted to file criminal charges against victims who fight back. The Derby Police Department “will take the incident to the district attorney for possible criminal charges against Villareal,” observes the Informer.

Through an interpreter, Villareal’s mother said that she “understands if they need to arrest him for being disrespectful,” but that she doesn’t understand why “they need to beat him up for whatever reason.” The short answer, of course, is this: They do it because they can.

Derby High’s dress code is described as part of an effort to beat back the insidious “gang culture” considered to be a besetting scourge of society. Doubtless the school also participates in the Regime’s “anti-bullying campaign,” in which students are encouraged to rat out each other whenever they hear inappropriate comments, or see what they believe to be inappropriate conduct. None of this applies to the sanctified bullies in military attire, of course. Since they belong to the State’s punitive priesthood, those skeevy armed adults can loiter around schools, leering like Aqualung at underage girls and taunting smaller young males in an attempt to provoke them into doing something to justify a righteous beating — followed by prosecution for “resisting arrest.”

Ironically, it is possible for Saudi women to fight back when harassed by that country’s Morals Police. On one recent occasion, a Saudi woman who was hassled by a member of the Mutaween  beat the silly little jerk so severely that he had to be hospitalized. Shortly thereafter a Syrian-born Saudi female reacted to similar harassment by pulling a gun and firing at the patrol car,  forcing the pest to drive away. Neither of those women was seriously punished for resisting the forces of  “safety, authority, and structure” (as one Derby resident described the thugs who attacked Jonathan Villareal). Had they engaged in similar resistance here in the purported “Land of the Free” the would most likely be dead.


12:05 pm on April 29, 2011