Money for Molon Labe

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Benjamin Wassell’s wife has established a fund to pay for his defense as New York State savages this first victim of its unconscionable and unconstitutional SAFE Act.

Mr. Wassell sustained injury to his brain while fighting one of Amerika’s unjust and imperial wars; that precludes him from earning the fortune he’ll need to fight this tyranny. Those of you looking to support him but unable to attend his trial in Rochester may want to donate. (Try to overlook the rah-rah nationalism at the fund’s website from vets who contend he and they bombed innocent villagers “for our freedoms.” Yes, it’s nauseating. But if the State succeeds in stripping Mr. Wassell of his guns and liberty, it will come after the rest of us, too — piecemeal, with the infinite resources our taxes provide it, dividing and conquering us at its leisure.)

10:01 am on April 2, 2013