Mob Rule in Boston

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Demonstrating that the media is just as incompetent as the authorities, reckless and breathless photos of brown-skinned and Middle Eastern-looking people plastered across the pages of the (thankfully) dying corporate print media are terrorizing innocent teens who are nevertheless pictured as “persons of interest.”

It is a mob rule mentality, fanning the flames of the lynch mob. What a horrible time to be living-while-Muslim (or appearing that way to some morons) in the New England area.

As Politico points out, the corporate media no longer even plays lip service to the basics of reporting and fact-checking. It is only about sensationally naming the “suspects” based on rumor and whispers.

Meanwhile, we apparently are not supposed to notice a bunch of incredibly spooky-looking guys, dressed nearly alike and carrying suspicious backpacks at the scene of the crime.

9:50 pm on April 18, 2013