Mittsachusetts, Snow, and Ron Paul

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The people of Massachusetts, bled dry by Romney and the rest of the government gang for alleged services, will not have the streets plowed this winter, because the money has been siphoned off by various pressure groups.

By the way, as in the Hoover-Roosevelt Depression, states and localities will be going broke in the Bush Depression. They tried to seize homes and businesses for non-payment of taxes in the 1930s, but justly faced a revolution over such thefts.

Then, as Bob Higgs has pointed out, they got new money by legaling booze and taxing it–taxes that people were actually happy to pay after the totalitarian Prohibition.

What can they do this time? How about legalizing marijuana and other desired subtances? I am opposed to all taxes, but legal, taxed beer is better than no beer or black-market beer, and so is legal, taxed pot. (And they say I’m not a moderate.)

To allow the states and localities to act, the federal war on drugs (like the Christian right’s old federal war on alcohol) must be ended. This, needless to say, is a job for President Paul. (Thanks to Charles Everett.)

2:20 pm on December 22, 2007