Mitt W. Bush Explains Iraq

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This is how Harvard teaches its MBAs and JDs to mangle the truth. Ben Smith: “Chuck Todd pressed Mitt Romney this morning on his position on the Iraq war, and in stating his position — that nobody, presumably including Romney, would have backed the war without bad intelligence about weapons of mass destruction — Romney notably garbled the story of the run-up to that war.

‘The president went in based on intelligence that they had weapons of mass destruction. Had he known that that was not the case, the U.N. would not have put forth resolutions authorizing this type of action, the president would not have been pursuing that course,’ Romney said. ‘But we did not know that.'”

It’s not surprising that Romney perpetuates the Bush myth: He has surrounded himself with every disgraced Bush retread still alive — Chertoff, Kagan, Senor — they’re all there. The only one missing is Scooter Libby, but you can bet he’ll join the team once Mitt pardons him two Christmases from now.

It’s worth reading the Bush “legal justification” for the war, direct from the State Department’s chief lawyer, who asserts that the president can do whatever the Hell he pleases (remember the “unitary power” canard? Mitt can send Congress home and invade the world, while VP Gingrich closes the courts).

Ah, the sweet thought (or is it the sweet crude?): Mitt knows how to grow the economy: He will continue the wars — Syria, Iran, Egypt (as soon as it collapses) — They all await our liberating Drones of Love. Why, soon we’ll be at war with Russia! Won’t it be wonderful for the contractors, lobbyists, suppliers, think tanks, neocons … He’ll grow Washington’s economy all right!

So what if the rest of us have to eat dog food?

8:09 am on December 22, 2011