Mises Underground

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I never talk to anyone on the metro, save the vulgar under-breath utterings I would rather not mention here. But today was different. As I droned my way into the train car I noticed a fellow of a potentially professorial appearance wearing a blue wristband. I looked closely, as surely I was wrong. No, the wristband read “Mises.org.”

“Love your wristband,” said I.

He smiled, “Have you read Human Action?? Hoppe? All of them are proven so correct and no one gets it at all.” He shook his head, “They are all Keynesians. They don’t get it.”

I bade him farewell and felt a surge of joy leap inside me. Even in the black heart of the beast, the flame of Mises and those who labor to keep his memory and works alive flickers. And grows…

4:08 pm on June 14, 2012