Mises Institute Alumni, Scholars, and Donors: Time to Brag

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If you’re like me, when you receive the alumni newsletter from your alma mater, you always turn to the Alumni Notes section. And if you’re petty like me, you do this to see how you stack up against your former classmates. In my case, this is often a humiliating activity.

For most Mises Alumni, Faculty, and Donors, however, seeing the successes of the rising generation of Austrian economists and friends of the Institute is encouraging, enlightening, and a chance to read some good news about the future of Austrian economics and the fight for liberty.

We’re putting together the May issue of The Free Market, and we want to report your news as Mises Institute Scholars, Donors and Alumni. Did you attend Mises University or were you a Fellow back in the day? Are you a Mises Scholar who recently published an article or made a presentation to an industry group? Tell us about it. Maybe you’re a recent grad and you’re just happy to have a job. We want to know about that too. It’s that sort of thing.

The image below shows some of the news we reported in the April issue (coming soon!). We’d like to keep publishing your news every month, and it doesn’t just have to be about how you recently got tenure or wrote a 500-page book.

Please send your news to updates@mises.org.


4:19 pm on March 19, 2013