Minnesota Family Terrorized by SWAT Thugs

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Imagine you are sitting at home watching TV when a group of people break into your house. You grab the shotgun and start firing at the intruders to protect your kids. Turns out, however, that the intruders, a SWAT team, had raided the wrong house “because of bad information from an informant—a mistake that some critics say happens all too frequently around the country and gets innocent people killed.”

Let’s keep reading:

“No one was hurt in the raid Sunday, conducted by a task force that fights drugs and gangs, though two police officers were hit by the shotgun blasts and narrowly escaped injury because they were wearing bulletproof vests.”

What a surprise that this was probably drug related. I guess it’s time for ordinary people to constantly wear bulletproof vests. You need them when you shower, when sleeping, when having dinner. The kids should have theirs too of course. And don’t forget the dog. You never know when your local, friendly, super-militarized police officer will break into your house and kill everyone.

The heroic father had this to say: “I have six kids, and only one mistake almost took my kids’ life. We will never forget this.”

6:24 am on December 21, 2007