Mining Amazon

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LRC readers continue to find the most  useful items from the world marketplace–and most admired American brand–that is Here are a few of last week’s discoveries:

4 in 1 Emergency Car Tool;
Columbia River Folding Knife and Tool;
Waterproof Matches; and
Stripper Clips.

Here were the three best-selling books last week

The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram  your genes for  effortless weight loss, vibrant health and boundless energy, by Mark Sisson;
Lies the Government Told You:  Myth, Power and Deception in American History, by Andrew Napolitano; and
American Conspiracies;  Lies, Lies and More Dirty Lies the Government Tells Us, by Jesse Ventura.

Thank you so much for supporting LRC through the amazin’ Amazon.

9:52 am on March 18, 2010