Military Idolators

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Christian ones.

real heroes

stand behind troops

These are just two of the shirts offered by Vision To America, a division of Christian Worldview Communications, that “exists to help America return to our Founding Father’s vision for a Christian Republic. America was once a light to the world—a place that God blessed with liberty and prosperity. Today, Americans are taught that the Almighty State has all the answers. As a result, our God-given liberties are being traded for a false sense of security. It is our Vision to see Americans once again recognize that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights and that this Creator is the God of the Bible.”

Why bother to criticize the Almighty State when glorifying the military and its wars always expands the Almighty State and severely diminishes liberty? (Thanks to “recovering Republican” John Lofton)

6:29 am on July 4, 2013